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Anhui Province, construction labor service reform pilot program implemented on June 1

April 11, housing, urban and rural construction approved the Zhejiang, Anhui, Shaanxi provinces to carry out construction labor service reform pilot work. Recently, Anhui Province, living quarters issued the "Anhui Province construction labor service system reform pilot program" to explore the establishment of specialized, industrial construction labor service system.

Pilot program mainly around the construction of labor qualification, enterprise transformation and upgrading, system establishment and "tripartite" employment relations and other aspects of the detailed provisions. Since June 1, the abolition of construction services business qualification and safety management administrative licensing management, housing construction at all levels of urban and rural construction departments will no longer be included in the construction market supervision and enforcement of law enforcement inspection illegal subcontract combat range.

The program clearly put forward, will have a certain management capacity of the team composed of small micro-professional operating enterprises into the local "small micro-enterprise" management, enjoy the state's tax relief policy. The implementation of the project performance guarantee, the construction of corporate banking guarantee system, the reform of construction workers migrant workers pay margin to pay the way to explore the construction of professional construction workers pay security system.

In order to promote the urbanization of migrant workers in construction, the scheme proposes to establish the social insurance system for migrant workers suitable for the construction industry, and improve the normal growth mechanism and payment guarantee mechanism of migrant workers' wages. At the same time, actively improve the production and living conditions of migrant workers in construction industry, will meet the local housing security conditions of the construction workers into the protection of the object, to promote the construction industry migrant workers to modern industrial workers and urbanization, enjoy the urbanization policy.

In order to enhance the skill level of the practitioners, the qualified enterprises are encouraged to establish training institutions and carry out vocational training for their own workers. Establish and improve the internal workers vocational training system and vocational training assessment level and basic wage linked to the system, to mobilize the enthusiasm of practitioners to participate in training.

In addition, since June, all kinds of construction labor service enterprises according to the provisions of commercial reform of professional construction enterprises industrial and commercial registration. The city and county to establish construction services and enterprise management information platform, before the end of 2017 to achieve professional construction workers real name system registration management full coverage.


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