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Construction project comprehensive investigation started

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In accordance with the "Project Quality Management Two-year Action Plan", "on the crackdown on construction work subcontracting subcontract work of the notice" requirements, from November 2014, the project quality management two years will enter the implementation of the inspection phase. November 2, housing, urban and rural construction department issued a notice, asked all localities to do a comprehensive investigation work.


Notice the requirements of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities housing construction departments in charge of urban and rural construction to carry out a comprehensive investigation of the construction projects in the region, focusing on the construction of housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects, the implementation of quality responsibility to conduct a comprehensive investigation to ensure that The end of February 2015 before the city and county housing construction departments in charge of urban and rural areas to complete the construction of the project in the first comprehensive investigation, and on time to check the progress of the work, investigation found in the market violations of the law, the quality of the project and the views Respectively, reported housing construction of urban and rural construction market supervision department, project quality and safety supervision division. Housing Urban and Rural Construction Department will regularly statistics around the work of a comprehensive investigation of the progress of summary of the investigation and punishment of illegal acts, and to the public.


November 14, 2014, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities housing construction departments in charge of urban and rural construction in September this year, urban and rural construction project quality management two-year action inspection team issued law enforcement proposals for the rectification of the project, processing opinions and problems Of the enterprises in the project location of the construction of other projects to check the situation, were reported to the Ministry of Construction of Urban and Rural Construction Market Supervision Division, Project Quality and Safety Supervision Division.


From November onwards, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction will report on the projects that have reported complaints, the areas where the masses reflect the problems and the rectification of the problematic items in the early stage, and carry out key inspections and inspections. The main responsibility will be severely punished according to law and exposure. ("China Construction News" 2014.11.04)


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