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Construction reform and development of the pilot

To implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party, to promote the reform and development of the construction industry, to ensure the safety of the project quality, the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction issued a notice, in some provinces and cities to carry out the construction industry reform and development pilot work, The typical experience and advanced practices, for the national construction industry reform and development to provide demonstration experience.

According to the requirements of the notice, the main contents of the pilot include: construction market supervision, construction labor management, construction enterprise qualification electronic approval, construction industry modernization, construction quality and safety management, urban rail transit construction process safety risk control management 6 aspect.

Construction market supervision integrated pilot areas are Jilin, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui provinces. Pilot areas will further open the construction market, strengthen the supervision of the construction unit behavior, reform the tender and supervision methods to promote the construction market supervision and information management and credit system construction, reform the administrative examination and approval system, improve the project supervision and general contracting system, change the government functions, Improve the level and efficiency of construction market supervision.

Construction labor management pilot area is Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, three cities and Hebei, Shaanxi provinces. They will improve the construction management system, improve the real name system management information system, carry out real-name information exchange and sharing, in order to strengthen the national construction labor service management to provide reference for the construction of labor services management policy, the implementation of the construction contracting business responsibility, improve the real estate management system,

Construction project enterprise qualification electronic approval pilot area is Shanghai. The city will be information as a carrier, improve the daily supervision of information collection and audit mechanism to simplify the enterprise to declare materials, optimize the qualification examination and approval procedures to reduce the content of manual review, pilot electronic qualification certificate, explore the establishment of efficient, transparent and convenient electronic qualification approval Platform, to achieve the construction project qualification examination and approval of the standardization and information technology.

Changsha City, Jiangsu Province and Hefei City, Shaoxing City, through the implementation of the construction industry modernization work, research and study enterprise design, construction, production and other whole process technology, management model, improve the government in the design, construction phase of quality and safety Supervision system, summed up the promotion of mature advanced technology and management experience, and guide the modernization of the construction industry in the country to develop.

The quality and safety management of construction projects will be divided into three categories. First, Anhui and Hubei provinces will pilot the standardization of quality behavior and engineering quality control standards as the focus, strengthen the enterprise project quality management, strengthen the construction process quality control, improve the quality of the project. The establishment of engineering quality management standardization system, strengthen the enterprise quality assurance system and project quality control capacity building, reduce the quality of the accident quality problems. Second, the city of Shanghai and Shenzhen will be pilot through the construction project safety production standardization evaluation results as the main basis for the comprehensive implementation of construction enterprises and construction projects safety production standardization assessment work. The implementation of construction safety production standardization assessment work, resulting in a good demonstration effect, urging enterprises to strengthen the project safety management, improve the construction safety management level. Third, Fujian Province, Changzhou City, the pilot will promote the construction of lifting machinery leasing, installation, use, dismantling, maintenance and integrated management model to enhance the professional management level, better adapt to market development needs; to encourage the construction of lifting machinery integration Management mode, the implementation of the whole process of safety management responsibilities, to reduce the construction crane safety accidents, and gradually form a relatively complete management system and methods to develop the construction of integrated lifting the implementation of the views of the construction machinery to improve the level of safety management.

The whole process of urban rail transit construction safety risk control management pilot areas are Beijing, Guangzhou and Xi'an. The three places will be the pilot construction units to employ specialized agencies for the whole process of construction safety risk prevention and control to provide advisory services to effectively control the security risks; competent departments through the purchase of services, commissioned by professional agencies as an auxiliary force to address security risk prevention and control needs And the lack of existing technology management, improve the effectiveness of government regulation, guide, nurture and standardize the development of advisory bodies.

Notice requirements, pilot provinces and cities housing urban and rural construction departments should strengthen the organization and leadership, and actively promote the pilot, timely communication, increase publicity and guidance, to create the whole society, the whole industry care, attention to support the reform of the construction industry a good atmosphere.


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