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State Office issued "on the clean-up norms of construction area margin notice"

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The General Office of the State Council recently issued the Notice on the Cleanup of the Margin of the Project Construction Area (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), and comprehensively deployed the deposit work in the area of project construction.

"Notice" that clean up the standard construction area of the deposit is to promote the decentralization of decentralization, reorganization and integration, to optimize the reform of the necessary measures to help reduce the burden on enterprises to stimulate market vitality, is conducive to the development of credit economy, building a unified market, Fair competition, speed up the transformation and upgrading of construction industry.

"Notice" from seven aspects, put forward to clean up the norms of engineering construction area of the specific policy measures.

First, a comprehensive clean-up of various types of security. For the construction enterprises in the construction of the required to pay the deposit, in accordance with the law set up in accordance with the provisions of the bid bond, performance bond, the project quality deposit, the wages of migrant workers margin, the other margin will be canceled. The cancellation of the deposit, from the date of issuance of the notice, will stop charging.

Second, change the margin payment method. On the retention of the bid bond, performance bond, the project quality deposit, the wages of migrant workers deposit, the implementation of bank guarantee system, construction enterprises can bank guarantee to pay.

Third, on time to return the deposit. On the cancellation of the deposit, all around the end of 2016 to return the relevant enterprises; to retain the deposit, to ensure timely return. If the deposit is not returned in accordance with the stipulations or the contract, the guarantor of the margin shall pay the overdue return of liquidated damages to the construction enterprise.

Fourth, strict engineering quality margin management. The maximum percentage of the project quality margin shall not be higher than 5% of the total settlement price of the project price. If the performance bond has been paid before the completion of the project, the construction unit shall not reserve the project quality deposit at the same time.

Fifth, the implementation of migrant workers pay margin difference between the deposit method. For a certain period of time there is no wage arrears of enterprises, the implementation of relief measures; the occurrence of wage arrears of enterprises, the appropriate increase in the deposit ratio.

Six is to regulate the margin management system. On the retained margin, we should pay close attention to the revision of relevant laws and regulations, improve the margin management system and specific methods. On the cancellation of the margin, we should pay close attention to the revision or abolition of the requirements of the work to clear the standard requirements inconsistent. In the clean-up of the margin at the same time, through the inclusion of credit systems, etc., and gradually establish supervision and construction of new enterprises.

Seven is strictly prohibited new deposit items. Without the approval of the State Council, all localities and departments shall not in any form of new construction projects in the field of margin projects. Comprehensively promote the project construction area margin information disclosure, the establishment of a report to investigate and deal with the mechanism, regularly publish the results of the investigation, exposure of illegal payment of the typical case of margin.

"Notice" requirements, all regions and departments should strengthen the organization and leadership, develop specific programs, strengthen supervision and inspection, actively and steadily push forward, and effectively clean up the norms of engineering construction work in place in place. Housing Ministry of urban and rural construction, the Ministry of Finance to closely track the progress, strengthen co-ordination, not to clean up the standard requirements, conceal the deposit collection, to seriously investigate the responsibility to ensure that clean-up work to achieve tangible results.


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