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Housing Ministry of Urban and Rural Development issued "on the further development of the project to further promote the development of a number of views"

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In order to implement the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening the Management of Urban Planning and Construction, the Ministry of Housing, Urban and Rural Construction has recently issued a number of opinions on further advancing the development of general contracting (hereinafter referred to as "a number of opinions"), deepening the construction project organization Implementation reform.

The general contract is the international implementation of the construction project organization and implementation methods, and vigorously promote the project general contracting, is conducive to the realization of design, procurement, construction and other stages of the deep integration of the work of the general contracting enterprises to play the technical and management advantages and improve the level of construction , To promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, to serve the "one way" strategy implementation.

"A number of opinions" around the further development of the project general contract development, from four aspects of the 20 policy and institutional measures.

First, vigorously promote the general contract. The general contracting of the project adopts the "design - procurement - construction" general contracting or "design - construction" general contracting mode. Construction units in the choice of construction project organization and implementation, should be based on the quality of reliable, efficient priority principle, priority to use the project general contracting model. Government investment projects and assembly buildings should actively adopt the project general contracting model.

Second, improve the general contract management system. The construction unit may, after the completion of the feasibility study, the design of the plan or the preliminary design, carry out the contracting of the general contracting project, and adopt the method of bidding or direct contracting to select the general contracting enterprise. The general contracting enterprise shall have the design qualification or construction qualification corresponding to the scale of the project. The project general contracting project manager shall obtain the qualification of engineering construction registration or senior professional and technical title, and shall be the project general manager project manager, the design project leader or the construction project manager. The general contracting enterprise may carry out the design and construction within the scope of the project approved by its qualification certificate, or may directly subcontract the design or construction business to the enterprise with the corresponding qualification according to the contract or with the consent of the construction unit. The general contracting enterprise shall be fully responsible for the quality, safety, duration and cost of the project in accordance with the contract signed with the construction unit. The departments in charge of urban and rural construction at all levels shall perfect and improve the supervision procedures of the general contracting projects and promote the development of general contracting.

Third, enhance the general contracting capacity and level of enterprise engineering. Project general contracting enterprises according to business needs, adjust and improve the organization, the formation of design, procurement and construction management in one of the organizational system. Strengthen the general contracting project standards, quality, occupational health and safety and environmental management system construction, strengthen the management of various types of management personnel.

Fourth, strengthen the organization and implementation of the development of general contracting. Housing and urban construction departments at all levels to strengthen the organization and leadership, to strengthen the demonstration guide, cultivate a number of general contracting enterprises, to expand the influence of general contracting. Industry organizations to play a bridge and link role, reflecting the business demands, to carry out policy research, organization of personnel training, summed up the exchange of experience.

"A number of opinions" requirements, all levels of housing urban and rural construction departments should attach great importance to promote the development of general contracting work, innovation and construction project management mechanism, improve the relevant supporting policies to promote the implementation of the system measures to promote the further development of general contract.


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