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Construction industry top design speed

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Recently, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development issued by the China Building Standard Design and Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "standard homes") and other units of the "construction industry modernization of the national standard building design system", put forward the framework of the industrial design of the overall framework. Ministry of Housing and the relevant person in charge revealed that the Ministry of the next will also study the development of national housing industry development program, the development of the industrialization of the development goals, direction, path specific requirements and measures, is expected to be introduced will greatly promote the national construction industry development of.


"At present, many places have introduced the construction industry-related policies, but in the course of practice there is still a lack of understanding is not comprehensive, lack of technical capacity and other issues.The construction industry modernization of the national building standard design system introduced, can be said to be the first The construction of the national standard system of the modern construction industry suitable for China's development model has been systematically completed and the top-level design has been perfected to provide a strong technical support for the development of China's construction industry. "The construction industry organized by the standard institute recently Modern national architectural standards for the first public outreach training, the standard architect Liu Dongwei said.


Policy development can not be blind obedience


At the end of 2014, the country with the industrialization of the construction of the project construction area has reached more than 1800 million square meters, including concrete structure, steel structure, wood structure, and so on. By the end of this year, the country through the industrialization of the construction of the project will strive to reach 50 million square meters. At the same time, a total of 12 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and 18 prefecture-level cities, has issued 68 construction industry-related guidance documents. Obviously, the enthusiasm of the government level has been mobilized, then the market as the government would like to "keep pace with" In Huayang International Construction Industry Company Managing Director Long Yufeng view, the policy can be successfully promoted and the local real estate market conditions are inseparable. At present, the construction industry of the incremental cost is still the real estate enterprises in the industrialization of the threshold of the main reason for hesitation.


"In particular, in the current overall real estate market is not very optimistic about the premise of this incremental costs can digest the problem is particularly concerned by the developers." He believes that the Government must formulate policies in conjunction with the specific circumstances of the local, can not Obedience. For the first-tier cities, due to firm prices, one or two hundred incremental costs can be quickly released in the sale, so developers in the face of policy requirements of the various industrial requirements, will be more willing to follow up. As for the inventory of the city has been difficult to digest, even if the volume rate of incentives related to the issue, the cost increase is still not resolved, so the enthusiasm of the market is difficult to really mobilize.


Standard design is critical


It is perhaps more important to clarify the understanding of the construction industry in terms of the enthusiasm of the building. Ministry of Housing and the relevant person in charge at the meeting pointed out that the current construction industry in the development of the concept there are still some errors. First of all, the construction industry is equivalent to or confined to the assembly of concrete structure, ignoring the steel structure, wood structure and other aspects of industrialization. Second, the construction industry is equivalent to the main structure of industrialization, in the internal decoration and the main structure of the combination is not enough. Finally, the construction industry focused on the industrialization of the construction process, did not take into account the integrated development of the whole industry chain.


In this regard, Liu Dongwei also deep feelings, he said that from the development of foreign construction industry, the initial stage is certainly the main structure of the industrialization, but the transition after a period of development, interior industry will become the core part of China's current For the interior of the industry is very lack of knowledge. Many of the products known as industrialized residential products are only used in the assembly of concrete structure, the internal production is still extensive rough housing, this semi-finished products obviously can not meet the requirements of national energy conservation and environmental protection and high demand for high quality residential.


In this case, the construction industry modernization of the national standard building design system is clearly a more realistic significance. Liu Dongwei told China Construction News reporter, the system is a comprehensive system of standard design system, mainly including three aspects: the first is the whole building system, including concrete structure, wood structure, steel structure. The second is the whole industry chain, from design, construction to component production have detailed guidance. The third is the whole system, not only the main structure, but also contains two parts of the interior and outer care.


"In the process of industrial development, the standard design is very important and a key link, but also to promote the construction industry can not leave the technical support.With the standard design, our design, construction, installation can be smooth, About the technical science and reasonable arrangements to the building to go. "Ministry of Housing and the relevant person in charge said that the first step to continue to strengthen the technical support research, including concrete, steel structure, wood structure, including a comprehensive technical system, Vigorously promote standardization, and strive to achieve modular, part of the common components such as wall panels, staircases, etc. full use of standard size. Second, we should pay attention to the introduction of advanced management technology, information technology, such as BIM, to enhance the quality of the project and the quality of life cycle. Finally, to achieve management innovation, and actively promote the general contracting, so that the depth of integration into the design, construction and so on.


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